Gateway To The Development Of Character

At the beginning of the 2014/2015 school year, Crescent School set out to develop a new Strategic Plan that would guide us in the years ahead. The goal was to articulate to our full community what our School’s guiding principles are and the broad objectives that we are seeking to achieve. We are pleased to inform you that we have completed our work. The plan is now ready.

Our new plan represents evolution, not revolution. It embodies the great work of those who stewarded us through our first century and extends and modernizes those efforts. It is a reaffirmation of the School’s great vision and the core values we espouse: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Compassion.

The process was undertaken with exceptional collaboration from the very start. We blended together a small working committee comprised of Governors, school leaders as well as industry experts from outside of Crescent. This committee encompassed the best and the brightest, all of whom are dedicated to our mission of Men of Character from Boys of Promise which remains unchanged.

To help this group garner a balanced perspective of our School’s needs and challenges, we gave them full access to our deep reservoir of feedback and dialogue including school-wide surveys, focus group findings and individual meetings with students, staff, parents and alumni. After many rounds of discussions, analysis and debate, the committee has developed a clear roadmap for our future; a vision that is truly Crescent and reflects our distinct goals and culture. This vision solidifies our position among the leading independent boys’ schools in the country.

Crescent’s Strategic Plan is intended to be a living document that is constantly reviewed and updated as our School continues to evolve. Every year, the plan will be supplemented with specific goals and objectives that reflect our most pressing needs while leveraging unique opportunities that are supportive of our long-term vision.

It is with great pleasure that we now share Crescent’s Strategic Plan.


Bryan Kerdman
Chair of the Board of Governors
Michael Fellin

Our Mission: Men of Character from Boys of Promise

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide our Boys of Promise with the support they need to become outstanding, courageous young Men of Character. Men who have the strength of character and love of knowledge to be successful lifelong learners who will make a positive impact on this ever-changing world.

How will we accomplish this?

By maintaining our unwavering belief that each boy is unique and incorporating this into all we do.

Our exceptional staff of learners and leaders will nurture the intellectual, moral and social development of each of our boys; and our inclusive community of alumni, parents and friends will continue to be fully engaged, supporting a diverse and rigorous learning environment.

Our Core Values:

These are the principles that guide our behaviour and action, reflecting our ongoing commitment to being the very best possible school for boys.

Honour the community and those within it.

Own your own decisions.

Think and act in truth.

Treat others the way they would like to be treated.



Our Goals:

Prepare students for life by building and delivering a rigorous, relational and relevant academic program that supports the character development of each boy.

Continue using established best-practice approaches to support boys’ learning while developing measures of success for the students that reflect Crescent’s unique mission, vision and values.

Enhance and broaden Crescent Student Services and align an integrated staff to support learning, from admission to Crescent right through to university acceptance.

Our Objectives:

Identify key descriptors for each of the four character areas that Crescent considers to be important: moral, performance, intellectual and relational. The ultimate purpose of this exercise is to ensure that everyone at Crescent has a common understanding of what a Man of Character is.

Develop and align all of the School’s programs over Grades 3-12 to the four Character areas through our:

Develop criteria (look-fors) for graduates at each of Grades 6, 8, 12 to ensure they are prepared for success at their next stage of education including post-secondary opportunities in Canada and abroad.


Crescent Faculty And Staff:

Our Goal:

Foster a culture of high performance where professional growth, relational learning and personal accountability are recognized and rewarded.

Our Objectives:

Continue to offer a highly competitive salary and benefits package to become a destination employer for those wishing to teach and lead boys.

Encourage a mindset of innovation, collaboration, alignment, agility and execution.

Design and manage a professional development program that promotes excellence and relational learning, demands effective differentiated instruction strategies, encourages innovative use of technology and inspires growth of character skills.

Support the professional work of faculty and staff by improving our programs and facilities for health and wellbeing.


Crescent Community:

Our Goals:

Become a more diverse teaching and learning community by enhancing the cultural, ethnic and socio-economic background of our students, faculty, staff and Board of Governors.

Build a more engaged and connected community that includes our alumni, students, parents, friends and others across the GTA.

Our Objectives:

Broaden the mix of talented students, staff and governors to reflect the Toronto of today through proactive outreach to non-traditional geographic areas, institutional groups and cultural communities across the GTA, while retaining our position as the leading independent boys’ school in North Toronto.

Increase endowed and expendable donations to provide the opportunity to seek and enrol outstanding Boys of Promise from diverse socio-economic backgrounds – efforts should be made to increase needs-based enrolment.

Develop the Crescent brand by marketing our expertise in boys’ education and building partnership opportunities to ensure Crescent’s place as the #1 school destination for extraordinary boys across the GTA.

Broaden the reach of the School to engage more alumni in our good works in a mutually beneficial way by strengthening existing alumni programs and adding new initiatives.

Build stronger ties between the Crescent Parent Association and Past Parents with the School to showcase opportunities for parent and past-parent involvement as ambassadors and promoters for the School across the GTA.


Crescent Facility:

Our Goals:

Continue to develop and build an infrastructure that will maximize our ability to attract and develop the best mission-fit boys from across the city through fundraising, a growing endowment and cost containment.

Develop and execute a long-term master facilities plan to support the evolving learning environment for boys and staff.

Our Objectives:

Manage and balance the annual operating budget with particular emphasis on optimizing the School through effective cost management.

Investigate and increase revenue opportunities.

Develop an expanded master campus facilities plan that appropriately builds and maintains our facilities and provides a platform to accomplish our strategic goals today and for the future.


Crescent Technology:

Our Goal:

Develop a technology ecosystem that is designed to make learning personal, deepen student engagement, strengthen collaboration and critical thinking and prepare students for careers in the professional world.

Our Objectives:

Explore and develop exciting partnerships through which the School’s scope and creativity can be advanced to foster innovation for learning.

Ascertain the best tools, staffing model and technology model needed to allow for advances in personalised education.

Establish technology expectations and abilities of staff/faculty and implement this into our hiring process, professional development and appraisals within a culture of growth.

Establish a consolidated rationale and aligned suite of hardware and software that demonstrates an understanding and promotion of technology to enhance boys’ learning.